Thursday, June 26, 2008

Neti Pot

I had a horrible sinus headache today and faced the dilemma of taking Excedrin or try a natural remedy. After surfing around on the net, i settled on trying the Neti Pot. Read more about it here. It took a little work to get it to work right but it worked like a charm! Headache gone.

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mgsmarcus11 said...

Recently my doctor recommended Nasopure, a nasal irrigation system referred to as the modern neti. I have tried both the neti and Nasopure and have found Nasopure far superior. I dont have to bend and twist like the neti and Nasopure seems to give a much more effective flush because it uses self controlled pressure instead of gravity. The angled Nasopure bottle allows for you to stand straight up while using it. Also, the salt packets that come with the product is much cheaper and seems more effective than that of the neti. I use one salt packet for about a week in the shower with Nasopure while the neti uses atleast one packet per use. Their website is very informative too and compares different nose washes on the market.