Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Matters of the Heart

George Carlin died on Sunday from heart failure.

High Blood Pressure is known as the "silent killer" and has been the topic of discussion among FS members for a while. We regularly discuss our BP's like they are baseball stats at our meetings. We will start to monitor a FS member's BP as a new segment to this blog....later of course, he drank two cups of coffee already. We will try and do this on a daily basis.

Currently, one FS member has high blood pressure and is trying to lower it naturally. He is working on this with his doctor to avoid meds. If you have high blood pressure consider these natural lifestle changes (familydoctor.org - and always partner with your doc)
1. Don't smoke cigarettes or use any tobacco product.
2. Lose weight if you're overweight.
3. Exercise reguarly.
4. Eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables and is low in fat.
5. Limit your sodium, alcohol and caffeine intake.
6. Try relaxation techniques or biofeedback.

via American Heart Association

According to recent estimates, about one in three U.S. adults has high blood pressure, but because there are no symptoms, nearly one-third of these people don't know they have it. In fact, many people have high blood pressure for years without knowing it. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack, heart failure or kidney failure. This is why high blood pressure is often called the "silent killer." The only way to tell if you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure checked.

Get the facts on high blood pressure and how to live a heart-healthier life. Find out how you can reduce your risks for heart attack and stroke with proper monitoring by a health care provider and simple lifestyle changes, even if you have high blood pressure.

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