Thursday, September 4, 2008

Little Pharma - Physic Garden

Sorry for the long absence. We have been swamped with a lot of really fantastic projects. We will be presenting Little Pharma - Physic Garden at Fringe Exhibitions in the Fall. The installation will open on October 11. Please mark your calendars. Here is the press-release that we wrote for it:

The Little Pharma Physic Garden is a participatory installation that promotes education, community involvement, natural beauty, relaxation and renewal.

Our garden model is based on several specific European gardens established by monks in the 16th and 17th centuries. Their calling was to encourage and empower the public to be directly involved in their own health and well-being and to promote the study of herbal medicine, known then as the "physic" or healing arts. The monks involved the public in community gardening and demonstrated the many uses of plants and the tradition of the plant world as the most common medicine source. These gardens also provided a place of natural rest, meditation, and spiritual renewal for many weary urban dwellers.

The Little Pharma Physic Garden includes a research library, seed bank, a publicly maintained herbal medicine garden, meditation vistas, and a workshop area. Additionally, the public is encouraged to participate in several events hosted by Finishing School and collaborators throughout the run of the exhibition. There will be an herbal medicine course, meditation events, and a gardening workshop as well as a pharma-themed costume workshop and bicycle tour. Details for the events, TBA.

Addtionally, portions of the Physic Garden are currently on display at Cypress College. Click here for more details.

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